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Renew Crew

What’s worse than botching a job yourself? Paying someone else to botch it.

Pressure washing concrete is more difficult than it looks. Even with the most reputable pressure washing firm, an unseasoned employee can easily run into an unexpected situation and irreparably etch your concrete with unintended graffiti. Incorrect spraying can leave pockmarks and dangerous cracks, which invite additional stains and outside elements that weaken concrete. That’s where Renew Crew comes in.

Our Way

Pressure washing concrete is as much sculpting as cleaning, and we pride ourselves on being Michaelangelos in our own right. Don’t trust a yellow-page, weekend pressure washer with your property — come to the masters. Our exclusive,3-step, modified pressure process does a better job of concrete cleaning and concrete sealing. Thanks to our revolutionary way of renewing your concrete, your driveway or patio can take on new life and stop being the eyesore it once was. Plus, with our experts on hand, renewing your concrete is botch proof! Sit back and let us transform what used to be a hassle into a breeze.

All It Takes Is Once to Ruin It

Getting it right 99% of the time can still leave you with a broken patio or driveway. If pressure washing concrete is done without precision and attention, it’s easy to chip away cement and damage its integrity. While it might look good at first, fissures and splits made during a bad wash can cause vegetation to grow through and cause bigger cracks. Renew Crew uses no caustic acids or damaging pressure levels, so you can rest easy knowing that when we leave your property, your cement is in better shape than it has even been — and it’s going to stay that way. We leave 100% excellence on your cement, and that’s a concrete promise.

A Renew Crew Clean for You

We accept jobs regardless of how big or small they are. Whether it’s cleaning concrete patio food stains or concrete driveway oil stains, no one can beat a Renew Crew Clean when it comes to pressure washing stained concrete. With our special polymer sealant will keep your concrete will keep looking newer for longer. That’s what a Renew Crew Clean is.

Get that new-driveway feeling back. Contact Renew Crew today.

Before Concrete Cleaning

After Concrete Cleaning

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